Canon Pixma MX492 Wireless Setup – A complete setup guidance

Canon Pixma MX492 is an inkjet printer with the facility of scan and copy functions. For both the Windows and Mac OS, it functions. The size of the display screen of this printer is 2.1-inch. This model of the Canon printer can also allow paper up to 83 # basic height.

For quality printing, knowledge about the Canon Pixma MX492 wireless setup procedure is a must. It is not known how the Canon Pixma MX492 will be connected to the W i-Fi. A guide is for you to take help.

Procedure for Canon Pixma MX492 Wireless Setup

Procedure to set up the Canon Pixma MX492 will be easier for you if you have the things given below;

  • Computer or Laptop
  • Strong Internet Connection
  • Wireless router

Now, you have to get ready the Canon printer for the wireless setup before going on further

Canon MX 492 Printer is to be connected to Wi-Fi on Windows XP, 7, 8.1, 10 OS

After preparation of the Canon printer for the wireless setup, to connect the device with the Wi-Fi router through a Windows PC, the mentioned below steps are to be followed

Step 1: First, the printer software should be installed on the computer or laptop. However, before installation, all the running applications should be closed and log-in as an administrator. If in any case your device is enabled with the CD-ROM drive, thereafter just insert the CD drive which you can find in the Canon Printer kit.

Step 2: Now, with the purpose to install the software via the CD, the mentioned below steps are to be followed:

  1. First of all, the CD should be put inside the CD-ROM drive.
  2. Currently, the autoplay screen will appear on the display. Subsequently, tap on the ‘Run Msetup4.exc’ option.
  3. For the continuance of the procedure, Yes should be clicked on the User Account dialog box.

Now, the on-screen instructions should be followed, and the remaining setup procedure is to be completed. As well, downloading the installation wizard should be done online. For doing this, here are the steps that need to be followed as mentioned below.

  1. the official website of the Canon printer should be visited first. Thereafter, Locate and tap on the Set-Up button.
  2. Now, the product name i.e. Canon Pixma MX492 printer should be typed within the MX list. after that choose a country or region on the next page.
  3. Thereafter, download the setup. When finished, run the downloaded file. Subsequently, the installation procedure will begin.
  4. After saving the downloaded file on your device, a double-click should be done on it and onscreen instructions are to be followed.

Step 3: Click on Next and then select the ‘Wireless LAN Connection’ option. On the next screen, select the ‘Connect via wireless router’ button. Click on Next to continue. Afterward, ‘Cableless setup. should be clicked then tap’ on the Yes option. If the ‘.NET Framework’ message appears ion the LED display, then click on Yes.

Step 4: The instructions until the Setup Complete dialog box shows on the screen should be followed. subsequently, Click on the Complete option. If you see the ‘Extended Survey Program’ option, then click on Next. You may select the ‘Agree’ option in order to participate in the program.

Step 5: As well, click on the ‘Disagree’ button and the installation procedure without the survey program should be continued. After then, the setup procedure has been completed. Afterward, the ‘Test Print’ window will pop up on the screen. some white paper should be inserted within the machine and then click on the Execute option. At last, click on Exit with the purpose of finish the installation process.

Procedure to Connect MX492 Printer to the Wi-Fi on Mac OS X 10.7.5-10.13

For completing the setup process of the Canon Pixma MX492 printer on your Mac system, you should follow the steps mentioned below.

Step 1: To continue the official website of the Canon printer. Thereafter, the above procedure should be used and the procedure to download the setup file on the system should be started. After finished is shown, you have to double-click on the downloaded .dmg file. After that, again double-click on the Setup icon.  And click on Next.

Step 2: On the further display the administrator name and password should be entered. Choose the Install Helper button.  Select your printer connection method. Thereafter, click on ‘Wireless LAN Connection’. Click on Next for continuation. Subsequently, click on the ‘Connect via wireless router’ button.  Lastly, click on Next.

Step 3: Afterwards, choose ‘Cableless setup’ and the Add Printer option should be selected. After that, click on the ‘Canon xxx series Canon IJ Network’. Click on the Add option.

After that, procedure of the setup is completed. At last, reboot your system after exit from the tab.

Different Issues and Troubleshooting of Canon Pixma MX492 Printer

Whereas using, some issues with their Canon MX492 printer reported by millions of users. There are some of the most common issues whose solutions are provided.

When Canon MX492 Printer is Offline

To prevail over the situation, make sure that the printer is set as a default printer.  For that, Windows users should first, click on the Start button. After then, select the Device and Printer button.  Now, right-click on the printer and the ‘Set as Default’ option should be selected. In the beginning, Mac users should go to the System Preference page. After that, from the sidebar, right-click on the printer name and then ‘Set as Default’ option should be selected. Though, if the issue still remains the same after doing this, make certain whether the machine is connected with your personal device or not.

Canon MX492 Printer problem of Not Scanning

Confirm whether if you have scanned correctly on the scanner glass. Also, make certain that the IJ scan utility is enabled.  The USB cable should be disconnected from the Canon printer and then it should be connected to a different port. Your computer and the Canon Pixma MX492 printer should be rebooted.

By following these simple Canon PIXMA MX492 Wireless Setup guide, you’ll be able to connect your printer over Wi-Fi in no time. For more help, you can get help from printer support and resolve the issue in no time. Just remember that the printer settings are simple and just follow the steps correctly. Also, do check out the blog on ” how to setup wireless printer here: