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HP wireless printer support – Having a wireless printer and using wireless technology are two different things. From the people who have a wireless-enabled printer, only half of these people are actually using the technology, so the rest half of the people who have a wireless printer are still using cables. This could be due to the lack of understanding about how to set up and utilize the wireless technology.

In this guide with extremely simple steps we hope helps clear some things up for you. So that your HP wireless Printer setup and configure process becomes a great experience. Connecting a wired printer is easy. Pick the right cable, and then plug one end into the printer and the other into a computer or network. However, running an HP wireless printer setup, on the other hand, is slightly complicated and not as easy. Even when everything goes smoothly, as it usually does, it’s still more complicated than plugging in a cable.

Know the Things Before Printer Setup

One issue to keep in mind before you decide to setup hp wireless printer is that there’s more than one type of wireless printing. Bluetooth-enabled printing is also done when you setup hp wireless printer. So are setup hp wireless printer processes that offer infrared (IrDA) connections after the wireless is enabled for the printers. But when most people talk about wireless printers, they mean Wi-Fi printers, which is what we’ll largely focus on here in this guide to help you finish off.Even limiting the discussion to Wi-Fi, there’s more than one way to connect a wireless printer when you execute the HP wireless printer setup on your device or the computer, and for each basic type of connection, the steps vary depending on the particular model of HP Wireless Printer you want to setup. That makes it almost impossible to cover all the variations in complete detail in one single article but the execution of the HP wireless printer setup automatically begins when you click on the setup icon after your computer and it detects a new printing USB device or a wireless device in its vicinity.

HP wireless printer setup
HP Printer Wireless Support

The aim of the steps in the guide is to cover the key information you may need along with ideas for troubleshooting problems you may run into. The combination should give you a good chance of getting your HP wireless printer setup to enable you to connect to the Wi-Fi even when the process doesn’t run smoothly. The steps for connecting a printer by Wi-Fi depend in large part on what you want to connect to. When you execute the HP wireless printer setup it largely depends on what you want to connect to. The three choices are a Wi-Fi access point on a network, one or more individual computers directly, or a smartphone or tablet. Let’s start with an access point. Any Wi-Fi device, including your HP wireless printer, can support one or more of three different Wi-Fi modes—infrastructure, ad hoc, and Wi-Fi Direct.

Infrastructure mode requires a Wi-Fi access point, usually built into a router. The idea is that all the Wi-Fi devices on your network connect through the access point. If you have a network with an access point, both it and every other Wi-Fi device on the network should already be set for infrastructure mode. This article with easy steps for HP wireless printer setup process assumes that either you set up the network yourself and are familiar with its settings, especially its security settings, or you can easily contact someone from online printer tech support companies with the expertise to setup HP wireless printer within your network and secure it as well so that no one is able to get into your network and get all the vital information from your computer and devices through various hacking tools available online.

The printer tech support expert should be able to give you all the information through the phone so that you can finish off the HP wireless printer setup on your own. if you go online for Printer help and Printer tech support you should have the product model details handy with you. Remember key information you may need to know or need to ask from the Printer tech support representative when you dial the printer tech support phone number for printer tech support are the network’s SSID (its name), the network password if it has one (which it should), and, assuming there is a password, which security protocol your network uses (WEP, WPA, or WPA2).

HP wireless printer setup

Why is my HP Printer not connecting to wifi?

Despite all your efforts, if you remain troubled by the struggle to connect a HP printer to the WiFi network in your home or office, then you are not the only person to feel upset and frustrated with this process. This confusion and frustration are, sadly, quite common. The so-called quick setup never gets over quickly and whole experience many times turns into unending trouble which doesn’t seem to have any permanent fix. Your attempts to fix the problem with most of the new smart printers has nothing to do with age and your past experience of handling many old printers at your home. It’s just that the wireless printer technology is very complicated. until you know that everything is done as it should be or the way it is mentioned in the manual, the print device is not going to give the printout of the item you wanted to print.

In theory, a wireless connection should allow for the no-hassle transfer of documents from your laptop or smartphone to a printer. But in reality, it’s not always that simple and you get a lot of unexpected problems and challenges. Like sometimes the network strength signal will show as weak and many times your printer will not be able to just pick up the wireless network at all. If this is not the case then your paper can get stuck inside the printer or you may even come across weird error messages like printer offline, printer driver missing, no printer found in the network, IP address conflict detected, etc. Most models of printers appear like big ugly device so people tend to keep printers out of view or hide them away. This leads to poor connections and eventually weak signal strength for the network WiFi for the wireless printers. Most people place their printer where it is most convenient for them, not necessarily where it gets the best WiFi signal. However, when your laptop and printer are in the same room, the item you hope to print must get from the laptop to your WiFi router and back to the printer. In this case floors, walls, and the door of your home or anything standing between your router and your printer can actually weaken the signal strength of your WiFi router. This problem gets compounded if you are not able to find your wireless name in the small printer panel which has all the settings configured inside those printer panels.

Every smart printer user feels that technology can be a thing of beauty when all systems go hand in hand. But when hardware or software does not perform, delays are costly and frustrating. Manufacturer of all models of smart printers knows that setting up a wireless printer can be challenging so they have designed with built-in steps, online answers and experts on call details mentioned on their websites under the customer support or help section of their website. Users can go to these websites and take all possible types of help and support on offer in these printer manufacturer websites. However, if you are unable to get help and support and guidance for your printer from printer manufacturer websites you can look for online help and support for your printer from no brand loyal but customer focussed online printer help and support companies. It is entirely your choice which option you want to try first and whose help you think will be easier and faster for you. Still, if you want to know what is wrong with your printer and why it is not helping you get your item printed you can go through the steps mentioned in the article for your quick understand and basic snag fixes for your printer.

Follow below steps in case your HP Printer not connecting to wifi :

  • Step1: Try connecting to the printer with a cable
  • Step2: Find a new and better spot for the printer
  • Step3: Check your printer queue for stuck print jobs
  • Step4: Make sure your printer has all the latest firmware in it
  • Step5: Confirm that your mobile device is on your network, not your neighbours.
  • Step6: Try the reset option of your printer if you feel nothing is going as per your expectation
  • Step7: Secure your WiFi connection for your printer with a complex password
  • Step8: Check the paper quality and ensure the paper is not too big in size.
  • Step9: Verify that you have properly removed the new ink seal cover for your cartridge
  • Step10: Restart the WiFi and the print device after you get any problem

How to Connect Smartphones and Tablets using the HP Wireless Printer setup steps.

Connecting an HP wireless printer directly to a smartphone or tablet can be tricky, in part because any given printer manufacturer may not offer a printing app for any given phone or tablet. And even if there’s an app for your printer, you may not be able to connect the printer directly to your mobile device. More likely, you’ll have connected both to an access point and print that way, or, as with HP ePrint Home & Biz app, print some files through the access point and others by going through a cloud-based print utility.

Steps to connect smartphone and tablets using the HP printer wireless setup:

First you need to get the HP Print Service Plugin installed on your Android OS, preferred version 5.0 or higher, and then turn on the plugin.

  1. Cross check that the Android device is connected to the same wifi network as your printer, also check that Wi-Fi Direct on your printer and Android device is enabled.
  2. Now on your Android device, install or update the HP Print Service Plugin (in English).
  3. Once the installation is complete, you need to select your Android device to turn on the plugin:
    • Android 7 (Nougat) and higher devices: The HP Print Service Plugin turns on automatically after installation. Continue with these steps.
    • Android 6 (Marshmallow) and earlier devices: Tap Settings, search for and open HP Print Service, and then tap On.
  4. In case you have any other print service plugins, you any need to turn it off, if necessary.

Your Android device is now ready to print using the HP Print Service Plugin.

If you want someone to do it for you then you can dial the HP Printer Customer Support Phone Number and take help from HP Printer Technical Support experts. You also have an option to take Printer help and Printer tech support from Independent printer experts from Printer tech support companies offering their services online. You may also read our blog on HP Printer wont print that discusses on common HP printer problems and its solutions.

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